• All locations closed on 4 October, 25 – 28 December 2021, 1 – 3 January 2022 • COVID‑safe

Aerials Specialist

Aerials Specialist program is aimed at improving your strength and flexibility on a variety of different platforms and apparatuses.

The program entitles you to Private Lessons, Circus Fit classes, your own self-training and a group aerials course aimed at the development of an ensemble performance designed for festival and event opportunities. So far these potential performance opportunities include Byron Bay Bluesfest, Splendour in the Grass, the Australian Circus Festival, Woodford Folk Festival or the New Year’s Eve Celebration in Byron Bay, and The Tasmanian Circus Festival, with the potential for in-house performances and other upcoming events.


Term 1: 3 February – 11th April
Term 2: 27 April – 4 July
Term 3: 20 July – 26 September
Term 4: 12 October – 19 December


  • Ten Circus Fit Classes: Tuesdays 7–8pm.
  • Six Specialist Group Performance Classes: Tuesdays 6–7 pm
  • Six Adult Aerials Classes: Thursdays 6–7:30 pm
  • Four Half Hour Private Lessons – timing to be discussed with the coach. These lessons may be in any solo area of your choice.
  • Self-training – available throughout opening hours (providing the space is free).
  • Performance opportunities.


Term: $448