Byron Bay T.R.A.M.P. Games

 This winter Byron Bay T.R.A.M.P. Games will host some of the best bouncers in Australia, offering the local kids a chance to compete against them in the quarter final.


1st place – winner receives a trampoline from GeeTramp and a free pass to the GT Games ANZ.

2nd & 3rd places – winners receive free pass to the GT Games ANZ.

GT Games will take place in 2020 in New Zealand and will be hosted by Greg Roe. 


Saturday, 24 August 2019, 9am – 4.30pm

Entry FEE

$80 per person

Free entry for those who have previsly tk a winning place at the ANZ games.

how to enter the competition

All competitors will need to upload a video of themselves to the Instagram with the hashtag #byronbaytrampgames and tag @circusartsaustralia. Videos will need to demonstrate the skills of the participants. Our coaches and judges will review all videos and determine which applicants can apply to compete.

Participants that have already been selected to compete in ANZ games don’t need to audition.

GT Games Rules

It is important to note that this year the Byron Bay T.R.A.M.P Games will be based around creating more publicity around the event and increasing the safety awareness level. We will carefully chose the best athletes from the hashtag submissions on Instagram to compete in both kids, junior and senior age groups. What we are after in the video audition submissions is good control over the skills that athletes will demonstrate.


KIDDO – 8 to 10 years

JUNIORS – 11 to 13 years

SENIORS – 14 years and up

1. Athletes and parents should be supportive of each other regardless of the competition outcome for each individual athlete.

2. Before applying to enter the competition, look up online and understand the possible level of skills needed to be competitive.

3. Although there is always a bit of controversy as to judging subjective movements, our judges have taken an oath to use their best discretion in an open and fair system, as well as their acrobatic background to judge based on overall creativity control and degree of difficulty. 

4. Acrobatic skills that seem dangerous or inconsistent and not ready for competition will not be allowed. All athletes are encouraged to only showcase skills they are confident in and ask for help if need be.

5. With years of experience in the sport of trampoline, gymnastics and tricking and tumbling, our judges understand what is a true demonstration of skill and what is ‘simply chucking’ performing skills.


1. Upload a video of yourself to an Instagram account

2. Use hashtag #byronbaytrampgames

3. Tag @circusartsaustralia

Brisbane | Byron Bay | Sydney

Circus Arts Reception is in NSW (daylight savings time when applicable)

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