Adult Acro Yoga

This class is aimed at providing a diverse and extensive range of foundational acro yoga poses to adults at any skill level. You will learn the proper techniques to base, fly and spot along with learning trust, improving flexibility, and building self-confidence.
Each class involves an appropriate warm-up and conditioning, acro yoga drills and techniques, a class flow, and a cool-down.

Join solo or come with a friend. Learn poses, balance, and technique, and finish with a class flow! If you want to quiet the mind and build strength and trust, this class is for you!

Available as a 6-week course and casual classes.


Monday, 6pm-7.30pm (except public holidays)

6 week courses in 2024

8 January - 16 February

19 February - 28 March
1 April - 10 May
13 May - 21
24 June - 2 August
5 August - 13 September
16 September - 25 October

28 October - 13 December


Drop-in class: $28
5 pack: $120 (to be used by one customer, 6 months expiry)
6 week course: $130 – Includes self-training for the duration of the course – BEST VALUE!

Terms & Conditions

Prepaid packs of classes are designed to be used by one person only so that the person can progress their skills. Please note before purchasing a pack  that it can not be used by multiple people. Packs are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.