Adult Aerials


Tuesdays, 6pm-7.30pm

Thursdays, 6pm-7.30pm


Casual class: $25

6 week course (6 consecutive weekly classes):  $120 – Includes self-training for the duration of the course – BEST VALUE!

Aerials Beginners

In these beginners adult aerial classes you will learn to dance in the air on silks, static trapeze and lyra.

These classes will rapidly build core and upper body strength and may make you fall completely in love with circus! Each class involves appropriate warm-up and conditioning, acrobatic skills across various types of equipment and warm-down. 

Aerials Intermediate

In the intermediate adult aerial class, you will continue to improve your skills on silks, static trapeze and lyra.

Available as casual classes and 6-week courses that run throughout the year.


21 February – 28 March

4 April – 9 May

23 May – 27 June

4 July – 8 August

13 August – 19 September

24 September – 31 October

5 November – 12 December 

Brisbane | Byron Bay | Sydney

Circus Arts Reception is in NSW (daylight savings time when applicable)

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