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Adult Juggling & Balance Course

The focus of this class is to teach students the juggling and balancing technique that serves as a solid foundation to learning tricks of various difficulty.  Each class involves an appropriate warm-up and conditioning and all the learning and training is done in a fun and relaxed environment. 
Available as 6-week course and casual classes. 

Juggling & Balance Beginners

The focus of the class:

  • learn to juggle 3 objects, starting with balls and rings, then progressing on to the clubs
  • master the juggling to the point where you can shift your focus from the objects you are juggling to what’s going on around you (this is a very important goal for learning new tricks and interacting with people while juggling)

Juggling & Balance Intermediate/Advanced

The focus of the class:


  • learn the art of juggling manipulation  (having the objects removed and replaced while continuingly juggling)
  • learn to be the object manipulator
  • learn some introductory tricks with both hands and different patterns of the basic 3 object juggling
  • learn how to pass 6 objects between two people (you will start learning passing with your coach)
  • learn passing of 6 objects with another student
  • learn a basic passing pattern and more complex ones
  • learn passing between 3+ people and changing positions in the space
  • learn more complex tricks with 3 objects
  • introduction to siteswap, learn to juggle 4 objects


Juggling & Balance Beginners
Wednesday 5-6.30pm
Casual class $25, 5 pack $110, 6-week course $120 (includes self-training for the duration of the course – BEST VALUE!)

Juggling & Balance Intermediate/Adv
Wednesday 6.30-8pm

Casual class $25, 5 pack $110, 6-week course $120 (includes self-training for the duration of the course – BEST VALUE!)


18 January – 28 February
1 March – 11 April
12 April – 23 May
24 May – 4 July
5 July – 15 August
16 August – 26 September
27 September – 7 November
8 November – 19 December 


Please note that no make-up classes are available for course classes. Course classes can not be rescheduled as they are offered at a reduced price. 
Casual classes can be cancelled or rescheduled with a 48 hour notice. 

Terms & Conditions

Prepaid packs of classes are designed to be used by one person only so that the person can progress their skills. Please note before purchasing a pack  that it can not be used by multiple people. Packs are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.