Free Online Performance Course

About the course

This is a FREE online video course designed for kids and adults that teaches the principles and techniques of performing on stage, working with space, music and the audience. 

Course Syllabus

Week 1: Play – Improvisation

Week 2: Working with your body

Emotions | Grace | Walking | Speed

Week 3: Working with your face

Eyes | Emotions | Keeping a smile when uncomfortable | Limiting yourself

Week 4: Working to music

Moving to a count | Moving to a beat | Jungle exercise

Week 5: Engaging with the audience – Expressions and body invitations

Smiling | Winking | Body posture | Kisses | Meme

Week 6: Engaging the Audience Part 2 – Vocals and MC Tips

Projections | Breathing | Tone | Pitch | Characterisation of voice | Emotions | Grace | Walking | Speed

Week 7: Building your act

Research | Find and know your song or music | Choose apparatus | Timing tricks to music | Building crescendo | Record pieces of your act and review it | Practise | Write your routine down

Week 8: Preparing for the show

Dealing with nerves | Costume preparation | Dress rehearsal | On the day of the show

This project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.