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trampoline coaching COURSE
Stage 1 & 2

Learn how to teach trampoline skills to beginners of the sport.

Stage 1: Saturday, 7 Sept 2024

Trampoline Stage 1 is an entry level course into learning how to teach trampoline skills to beginners of the sport.

The aim of this course is to get new coaches comfortable with teaching foundations level trampoline skills and educating them on safety, group management, leading warm-ups and cool-downs, plus learning how to teach and supervise fundamental skills. 


1. Connecting Drops Skills
2. Adding Spins to Drops
3. Prerequisites for Flips
4. Intro to Hand Spotting
5. Lesson Planning
6. Creating, and Teaching Routines

Trampoline Stage 2 focuses on teaching safe progressions for the more challenging flipping trampoline skills.

Throughout this course we look closely at what is creating the rotation, identifying errors,  learning the reason for the error and transforming that into corrections that athletes will understand. After taking Stage 1, you will see how progressions are taught at the entry level work as building blocks and translate over to the more advanced trampoline skills. 


1. Hand Spotting Flips
2. Teaching Flips with spins
3. Flips landing on Front and Back Drops
4. Off-Axis Rotations
5. Error detection/correction for technical skills
6. Games for advanced athletes

Trampoline coaching course candidates will be working with a qualified coach for the duration of the training phase of this course. The goal is to gain confidence and experience teaching fundamental skills to a group, and to learn and implement safe, positive, inclusive and fun activities.


    7 September 2024


    Circus Arts Byron Bay, 17 Centennial Circuit, Arts & Industry Park, Byron Bay


    Louise Stack


    Stage 1 $350
    Stage 2 $350

    skill level:

    Ages 14+



    Where is Circus Arts Byron Bay?


    17 Centennial Cct,
    Arts & Industry Park,
    Byron Bay NSW 2481

    Opening Hours

    Monday to Friday 9am – 7.30pm
    Saturday 9am – 2pm