Circus Arts Sydney – closed

After an astonishing 25 years of flying in Sydney, Circus Arts Australia have closed their doors at Sydney Olympic Park.

Flying with Sydney has been an absolute thrill and we couldn’t be more grateful for the family and friends we have cultivated through our time here. You will be able to find us at Byron Bay in our massive indoor training centre if you are ever in the area and get the chance to visit.

A big huge thank you to all of our devoted Sydney flyers over the years.

The Circus Arts Team were incredible on the day with their support, patience and encouragement. Embrace the challenge and enjoy the fun experience. We will be back!

Tony Beuk

Something we always wanted to do and loved every minute of it. Highly recommended. The instructors guide you the whole way.

Allan O'Connell

Awesome. The staff and instructers are so friendly and patient, the flying trapeze is one of the jewels of this place, alongside the rock climbing, parkour/trampolining, and silks area. There is even a little cafe to relax and a fantastic circus theme park inside the building for your little ones to play!

Chris Legend

Came here from London and Circus Arts have been so welcoming! Their classes are amazing for all ages and we are having the best time here!

Ellie Cooper

Great place for kids and adults alike. The only indoor playground in Byron shire! With great coffee, food and usually a show to watch.

Mick Turner