Flying Trapeze Australia

Circus Arts Australia runs regular flying trapeze classes all year round in Byron Bay and Sydney.

Flying trapeze is a unique activity, being a sport, fitness and art form all in one. Moreover, it can be done by complete beginners with almost zero fitness and is also practised by elite athletes and performers worldwide.

Back in the day, flying trapeze was only available to people who were involved in the circus scene. However, these days anyone can give it a go – from children to adults. It has become increasingly popular amongst those who want to maintain an active lifestyle, but love the feeling of an adrenaline rush in a completely safe setting. Quite often those who try a class as one-off experience sign up for weekly classes. Additionally,  it can become their new hobby or fitness regime, which brings a great number of benefits, like an increased level of fitness, self-esteem and new friendships.

It’s amazing just how much can be achieved in flying trapeze classes. Beyond mastering a new trick, which is already an achievement in itself, the benefits spread into other areas of life, such as work and personal life. For example, here’s an article by Mandy Plumb, one of our frequent flyers in Brisbane, about the connection between flying trapeze and improv theatre – 3 Ways Trapeze Helped Me Be A Better Improviser

We run flying trapeze classes in Two venues across Australia


Circus Arts Brisbane at Golf Central closed in July 2020 – We are currently scouting for new locations – please check back for updates.

In the meantime, Sydney and Byron Bay are running regular classes.


Byron Bay is our HQ that boasts a massive 1200 sqm indoor space, offering its famous 10m high flying trapeze. As such, it is a perfect place for recreational flying and serious training.  Moreover, there are multiple classes on almost every day.

You can book a single class, purchase a 10/15 class pack or sign up for a 10-week term. In addition, different programs are available for all levels – from complete beginners to professional flyers.

Also, good news for parents is that Active & Creative Kids vouchers can be used for any term classes.


The outdoor rig at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre offers flying trapeze classes for students of all levels and abilities.

Conveniently, there are multiple classes on the weekends throughout the year and every day of the week during NSW school holidays. As usual, you can  book a single drop-in class, or save money with a value 10/15 pack or an 8-week program, which is eligible for Active & Creative Kids vouchers.

In addition to all of the above, free parking and a swim are included with each booking!

Outdoor Flying Trapeze

Sydney are our outdoor locations. There’s nothing like flying in the open under the blue sky. It’s the ultimate sense of freedom and a perfect outdoor activity. Australia is blessed with great weather all year round. However, on an occasion when it does rain it means that we have to reschedule our classes.

Circus Arts always tries our best to run all scheduled classes, but in cases of strong wind and rain, we have to reschedule – sometimes more than once in case of prolonged periods of rain. As such, please be patient and understanding with us. We want you to fly and have fun, but our priority is to make sure it’s safe and enjoyable for you.


We take pride in working with some of the best flying trapeze coaches out there.

All of our staff undergo regular training. These training sessions are overseen by our National Head Coach, Scot “Ted” Tornaros, who has over 25 years of experience and has coached and performed in 12 different countries around the world.

Our coaches are great at putting you at ease and have experience working with all ages – from children to adults – and all levels of experience. Even if you have never tried flying trapeze before, they will make sure you have a great time when flying with us.

“As a coach, I love that people of all ages, experience, abilities and backgrounds can achieve something up there. I’m in a unique position to be able to work with them to reach their goals, build a trick or help them achieve something they initially thought was out of reach. Also, you can’t underestimate the amazing bonds and connections that are created with people from all walks of life through the Flying Trapeze.” – Scot “Ted” Tornaros, National Head Coach for Circus Arts Australia and circus performer.


 We are big on safety. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make sure everyone – from our customers to our coaches – has a safe experience in every class in each location.

As such, both indoor and outdoor rigs undergo daily maintenance and rigging checks, and we use certified and rated equipment. 

Each class includes a safety briefing, warm up and cool down. In the beginning, every participant wears a safety belt for the duration of the class. However, after continued classes our advanced students may learn to take the safety harness off and are able to fly out of safety lines. 

From the moment the flyer starts climbing the ladder to the platform, they are secured with the harness at all times until they dismount from the safety net and their coach personally removes the harness.

Flying trapeze is one of the safest activities out there and, believe it or not, is quite often used to overcome the fear of heights!

3-DAY Flying Trapeze Intensive

For Advanced and intermediate flyers

Take your flying to the next level at our Flying Trapeze Intensive held in beautiful Byron Bay. Pack your bags and escape to paradise for 3 days of intensive flying trapeze training at our indoor venue.

This intensive is for intermediate to advanced flyers who are already comfortable swinging out of lines. Lead by Circus Arts Australia National Head Coach Scot “Ted” Tornaros, the weekend includes an in-depth analysis of swing techniques, tricks, catches and returns.

In addition to traditional flying, participants are also invited to try their hand at double lane flying, cradle and top catch training. Learn more and book online


Flying trapeze intensive boosting

Learn how to become a Flying Trapeze Coach

For Advanced and intermediate flyers

We offer our specialised course to those who would like to take the first step toward working as a coach. The course is offered in two stages. Stage 1 covers all the basics including board, ground, basic safety lines and catching. Followed by stage 2, which is designed to have participants be signed off as a flying trapeze coach. Participants will be given information on steps to take for employment. Limited places will be made available for selected participants for ongoing trainee/coaching positions in Byron Bay and Sydney.

All training is conducted at our indoor facility in Byron Bay but will be tailored to suit both indoor and outdoor coaching. Learn more and book online


Circus coach pulling lines in Byron Bay

Circus Arts Byron Bay

Circus Arts Sydney