Adult Handstands & Acrobatics

This class is aimed at providing a diverse and extensive range of handstand, acrobatic and tumbling skills to adults with any level of experience. You will have fun while learning drills and techniques to be able to execute a gymnastics style handstand as well as the fundamentals of flipping around on both the ground and trampoline.

Each class involves an appropriate warm-up and conditioning, handstand drills and technique, mini-tramp, Olympic sized trampoline, tramp wall, air tumble track and acrobatic skills on a sprung floor and a cool-down. 

So if you have ever dreamed of being able to balance on your hands or get back into acrobatics from when you were younger, this is the class for you!

Available as 6-week course and casual classes.


Monday and Wednesday, 6.30pm-8pm (except public holidays)

6 week courses in 2022

31 January - 10 March
14 March - 14 April
25 April - 2 June
6 June - 14 July
18 July - 25 August
29 August - 6 October
10 October - 17 November
21 November - 29 December


Drop-in class: $25
5 pack: $110 (to be used by one customer, 6 months expiry)
6 week course: $120 – Includes self-training for the duration of the course – BEST VALUE!

Terms & Conditions

Prepaid packs of classes are designed to be used by one person only so that the person can progress their skills. Please note before purchasing a pack  that it can not be used by multiple people. Packs are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.