Multi-Class Packs


Ready to commit to more training, invest in your health and learn new tricks?

These multi-class packs are great for adults who would like to train in a variety of disciplines and combine instructor led classes with self-training. We have designed a few different options for you to chose from and they all present a great value for money. 

Suitable for ages 16+

6 week courses in 2024

8 January - 16 February

19 February - 28 March
1 April - 10 May
13 May - 21
24 June - 2 August
5 August - 13 September
16 September - 25 October

28 October - 13 December

solo specialist program | Flexi half term

Ideal for those who need more flexibility with booking their weekly classes. Need to skip a week? No problem. This multi-pack gives you the option of creating your own schedule as well as rescheduling your classes within a 72 hour time frame. Just be sure to book your class or session before you arrive to guarantee your spot.


  • 5 Aerial classes
  • 5 half hour Private lessons
  • 10 weeks of unlimited Self Training
  • All valid for 10 weeks from the date of purchase


 COST: $396

solo specialist program | Full term

Ready to go all in? This program is perfect for those how can commit to a full term of training with a variety of weekly classes. As always, be sure to book your class or session before you arrive to guarantee your spot.

  • 2  Adult Courses of your choice (6 weeks each)
  • 10 half hour or 5 one hour Private classes
  • 12 weeks of unlimited Self Training
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Runs in conjunction with the term and two Aerial courses

 COST: $592

Adult 5 class pacK

You can choose from Aerial classes or Handstands, Acro & Tumbling. Getting a pack of classes is a great way to get better value for your money if you can’t commit to a regular weekly class. Skip a week when you need to or do a few classes in the same week. 

To book a class pack you will first need to create an account (if you don’t have one already). Then  sign in and select your pack.

 COST: $120


Terms & Conditions

Prepaid packs of classes are designed to be used by one person only so that the person can progress their skills. Please note before purchasing a pack  that it can not be used by multiple people. Packs are valid from the date of purchase.