We have combined your two favourite classes – Parkour and Ninja  – to give kids and teens an epic workout that is also fun!

Having it all under one roof of our all-weather facility creates easy logistics for kids, parents, and coaches. It also means that all components of Ninja/Parkour are now taught alongside the rest of our classes, making the participants feel a part of our big circus family!

This class introduces the principles of Parkour, a discipline of movement developed in France. Using skills to travel from point A to point B as efficiently as possible.

The other component of the class is Ninja, led and instructed by our coaches on a custom-built Parkour rig with vaulting, climbing, swinging, precision jumping, rolling, and quadrupedal movement, with explosive force to gain height and speed.


This class introduces Ninja/Parkour in an exciting, creative, and safe environment.

Our custom-built Ninja rig has all the components for learning ninja/parkour skills including monkey bars, ropes, rings, functional grips, and a warped wall. Along with learning to jump, roll and swing, we also introduce wall running and a variety of vaulting using mini tramps.

Teen Parkour 

A highly requested class. Teen Parkour expands on our Ninja classes by focusing on moving from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible using explosive force and specialized movement.

While using our functional Ninja rig, we also aim to build strength and dive deeper into intentional parkour. From locomotion and plyometrics to connecting movements and progressive vaulting.

Ninja/Parkour classes are only available as term classes to ensure skill progression.
Term bookings must be made by the first two weeks of the term. 

Our coaches have developed progressions for all starting abilities, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Classes are tailored to the skill of the individual student to ensure they each develop more advanced skills throughout the term as well as higher performance quality to eventually join the Performance Troupe.

TIMES & Cost

Ninja/Parkour | Full-Term $230

Monday & Thursday 4pm | Wednesday 5pm

Monday & Wednesday 5pm

Thursday 5pm

Thursday 6pm


Circus Arts is a registered provider for Active & Creative Kids rebate programs.

Active and Creative Kids Vouchers can be used towards term classes in Byron Bay and towards an 8-week flying trapeze course in Sydney. Creative Kids Vouchers can be used towards full day school holiday programs in Byron Bay and Sydney.

Please note: Creative kids vouchers are not valid with any Gymnastics or Trampoline classes.

Terms & Conditions

Prepaid packs of classes are designed to be used by one person only so that the person can progress their skills. Please note before purchasing a pack  that it can not be used by multiple people. Packs are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.


Term classes – no make-up classes are available. Term classes can not be rescheduled as they are offered at a highly reduced price. If you would like the flexibility of being able to reschedule a class, please purchase a pack of classes.